Lessons Learned

Does It Really Matter Anyway?

With my heart pounding, I held the phone receiver to my ear rehearsing what I might say.  Finally a woman's quiet voice answered. "Hello Mrs. M.? This is Tina, Ronna's friend from second grade. "I want to thank you for caring enough to invest in my life when I was 8 years old." Forty-six years ago… Continue reading Does It Really Matter Anyway?

Lessons Learned

Hijacked Emotions and Thoughts

Hey Mom! Is this a good time to talk?” That’s what I heard last week when I answered my phone. Sure, I always love when one of our kids calls to talk! “I know you’re just trying to help but sometimes it feels like you’re trying to take over.”  Uh oh! Maybe I don’t have… Continue reading Hijacked Emotions and Thoughts


Life Ain’t no Picnic or Is It?

Picnic baskets have always fascinated me. How do you pack the perfect basket? Lunch for two, three, four or more?  Maybe some fried chicken legs, cheese, grapes, and oh how about pumpernickel squares. Cool drinks, glasses, plates, forks, knives, red checkered tablecloth, vase for wildflowers. Gather it all up, get your basket out, start to… Continue reading Life Ain’t no Picnic or Is It?