My name is Tina…not short for Christina, Katrina, Betina,  simply and legally just Tina. My dad was a  fan of actress Tina Louise who played Ginger on Gilligan’s Island. I don’t look at all like her and my middle name is not Louise!

I married my high school sweetheart, Tom in 1985. We were teen parents to a beautiful daughter and we also have a handsome son. Our story is one of  pure Redemption! Jesus Christ sought us and bought us with His very own life(1 Cor.6:20). It’s a miracle we are who we are today and have only our Heavenly Father to thank!

I’m blessed to wear the title; ” Mimi/Grandma” to four precious grandchildren. I love Bible study, talking, listening to others’ life stories, family time, and selfie sticks.


I’m compelled to share the hope that lies within me & lessons learned, thus the reason for this blog!

Together we open the gate to hope through shared brokenness. We’re not called do life independent of God or of one another! I look forward to sharing life with you!


P.S. I love watching sunsets and sunrises and imagining the day when He will take me to that Mansion in the sky! I also love music and my first favorite song was Delta Dawn. Are you old enough to remember it? Are you singing it now?