Opening the Gate of Hope Through Shared Brokenness. Using a tool called a Genogram, (pronounced jen-uh-gram) I share personal testimony of growing up in a home with abuse, divorce, addictions, and tragedy while longing for a “Happily Ever After Home.”  Transparently, I share how Jesus redeemed my past, replaced hopelessness with new hope and now uses it all for His glory.  Audience members will also learn how to share their own testimony in 3 minutes or less.

Overcoming Weariness:  I’ve spent too many years trying to be the perfect woman, wife, mother….the perfect everything to everyone. (My family would tell you things in our home were perfectly painful!) I discovered a secret weapon to fight weariness and will share the secret with you as we explore what God says about the subject in His Word.

Celebrating Christ Centered Holidays: Do you find it challenging to keep your family focused on the message of the cross during Christmas and Easter or even Halloween? Learn practical hands-on ways to help your family keep Christ in the center of celebrations.

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