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Taking My Hands Off Of Control Sets Me Free

pexels-photo-247851.jpegHappy first Saturday of 2018!

In my last post,  What’s Your Word for 2018 , I blogged about discipline being my word for 2018 and asked what your focus will be one this year.

Now I have a song to focus on too! Music is so powerful! The words of my 2018 song go hand in hand with what God is teaching me on this journey to discipline.

Click here to hear my 2018 song

Do you have a favorite song that moves you?  Please share it with us in the comments!

Have a great Day in Jesus for there is no other way!


9 thoughts on “Taking My Hands Off Of Control Sets Me Free”

  1. Remembering how: ” “I don’t need you. I love you.’ signed God” hit me in Miracle In the Mirror and I still have a note card with that message written on it on my mirror in the bathroom going into two years later. A song: “It Is Well” with Bethel Music& Kristene DiMarco

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