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Did I Really Pray For This?


I just said “Yes” to go on another mission trip to Africa. This time to Nakuru, Kenya. What….Africa again? Am I crazy? Did I pray for this? Yes to all!

I remember when I first said “Yes” to Jesus’ invitation to salvation and surrendered my life to His lordship, it was the best “yes” I’ve ever uttered. That was nearly 27 years ago and life truly has not been the same since.

Lord Use Me As a Tool in Your Hand to Accomplish Your Will.

In the beginning, this was my everyday prayer while on my knees. There were times that I would sob while praying these words to my Heavenly Father. I would wonder why was I even praying such an odd prayer?

As I studied the Bible and grew in my faith walk I began to see more and more what the innocent, odd prayer meant…..and the cost of such a prayer.

First I had to admit that I am nothing without Christ, that I simply am a tool to be guided by the hand of another. Then I had to admit that without the guidance of the Master all my plans are futile.

Over the years I’ve not prayed that prayer as earnestly or with such simple trust. I’ve run ahead, trying to use my “gifts” to accomplish things I thought were good works. I’ve tried to be something that I was not designed to be, like attempting to be a cross tip screwdriver on a flat tip screw.

As I’ve shared in my blog, The Great Physician, the Lord has taken me to the side and is doing a deep work in my heart in which He is bypassing my understanding.  Yet I know, I can sense and see that He is at work.

It seems like what He’s doing is cleaning up all the gunk that has accumulated over the years so that I can be restored to that simple faith-like prayer: Lord use me how You see fit.

He’s called me back to the basics of child-like faith, a time where He spoke and I hung on His every word.

I’ve begun to pray that prayer again, remembering that I am nothing without Him. Asking Him to do more than I could ever ask or imagine.

In April came the invitation to go to Uganda, Africa and I was stunned. Like, really stunned, asking “Lord, you want me to go to….gulp….Africa?”

In July I boarded a plane with 11 team members with whom I only talked to on the phone.  I could have never imagined all that would take place on that trip! (See my blogs on Uganda, especially Jonah in Uganda.)


After I returned, I found myself feeling lost and wondering, what is my purpose now Should I get a job? Should I serve as a coordinator for the Missions or Women’s ministries at our church?

To all my questions I felt the Lord saying, “Just be available.”

That’s a very broad statement for one who likes to make plans! I needed a few more specifics, like “how” should I be available, what does that look like on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; you know, what’s the daily schedule going to be?

“Don’t worry about the “how to’s.” Just be ready when I prompt you.”

Recently I shared my testimony at a domestic violence shelter and also at a Youth for Christ-Teen Mom’s group.

I came away feeling like the hammer that hit the nail on the head! Like, this must be what I was created for, to share my life story with others who can relate. Hoping they would be inspired to believe their lives could be different, could be filled with peace, joy and hope through the power of Christ the Redeemer!

As I drove home after the two-day event, I found myself praying that prayer; “Lord would You use me in more ways like this as the tool in your hand?”

Do you know that when you pray in accordance with His will He hears you?

This is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests which we have asked from Him. 1 John 5:14-15

That very night I opened my computer and saw Man Up and Go, the organization I went to Uganda with, is planning a trip to Kenya, Africa this December to share the Hope of Jesus Christ with over 1,000 students at a Teen’s for Christ-Kenya conference.

I stared at the screen in total disbelief: Lord, did I just pray asking for more opportunities and You’re saying “Ok go back to Africa?” What? Wait! Really?

map-of-africa-countries (1)

In Kenya, over 40% of the population is 15 years old and under. 

My heart’s passion has always been to reach the young, the next generation with the truth of Jesus so that they might become the change makers, the tools in the hand of a Mighty God used as generational curse breakers of the future!

Jesus said, do not hinder the children in coming to Him. 

Why? Because if we teach the children, they will go and they will be the tools in the hand of the Master Creator!

Children are like arrows in the hand of a mighty man! Psalm 127:4

I declare Yes to Kenya, Lord and wherever else You will send me.  Make me available to be the tool in Your hand and use me as you please to accomplish Thy will!

So here we go! I hope to “take” you with me through my blog and I’d love to hear from you and covet your prayers for this journey!

**For more information about my trip or if you feel lead to make a donation please visit: Mission Trip to Kenya

6 thoughts on “Did I Really Pray For This?”

  1. How exciting! This seems so you. God will richly bless you for your obedience. One of the best benefits to come is your faith is going to GROW.


  2. Hi Tina,

    As I am reading your blog this morning, I find myself nodding at your comments. My daily prayer is to be used by Him and bring glory to Him. I don’t know how and where He would use me yet. Right now, I am learning to be still and know that He is my God and there is none like Him. I am so excited to see that God is raising you, pulling you out of your comfort zone to do amazing things for Him. What a exciting moment, Tina! I feel so blessed to witnessing how God is using you. And I am being encouraged by you. Be blessed! And do many wonderful things for Him! Someday, I may get to come along and join you to one of your trips.

    In Christ’s love,


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    1. Oh Sue! You bless and encourage me! I know our Father is doing a deep work in your right now and using you right where you are!! I too look forward to the day we go on missions together! Much Love! PS Start praying about this Summer for mission trip! 😉


  3. Ah…going to be watching the reward of listening and obeying. Love getting to be an observer of your journey. Reminded of what Joseph told his brothers in Genesis 45 that God had used the bad circumstances for His own purpose. When we trust Him, He takes what the devil meant to destroy and turns it into rescue and victory for others. You are such a glowing example of that to me. Literally, your face glows to me when you speak of your ministry that He has given you. You are so loved by God and, as my heart swells as I write this…me too, dear child of God.


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