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Symbolism of a Blue Jay: Faithful Neighbor and Warrior

I love bird watching! From eagles that soar with their expansive wing span to robins that scour the ground for worms alerting us that spring is near!

Birds are fascinating to me. They seem to flutter so effortlessly from branch to branch as they sing the most marvelous songs. They go about their day without a care in the world, they find water to bathe in and nesting materials to build and rest in.

I think I like them so because they always seem to appear at just the right time. If I’m bored sitting in a room I look out the window and a bird is in flight or perched on a wire ready to entertain. If I’m traveling in a car on a long trip I look for big hawks on electric poles or flocks of geese flying in formation in the sky.



Birds lift my spirits when I am down. I think about lyrics of the famous song “His eye is on the Sparrow and I know He watches over me.”

Last Tuesday I woke up feeling “off” emotionally and mentally. I knew it was going to be “one of those days” as I made my way to the coffee pot.

My mind seemed to be racing in a million different directions yet never arriving at any one destination. I felt like I could cry at the drop of a hat and I felt sorry for my husband who I knew if he asked “if I was ok” I would unload verbally.

I sat at my desk and attempted to blog….nothing….I tried to read my Bible…couldn’t concentrate. Seemed everything I tried, nothing helped, so I lay my head on the desk and cried…sometimes a good cry is just what we need right?!

When I lifted my head and looked out the window in my office, there I saw him, a beautiful blue and silver blue jay! He was so stately looking standing on the stump of an old tree in the yard. He seemed to be so full of confidence and dared anyone to come to the stump. Then as if on cue, a second majestic blue jay swooped down and stood on the ground just beside the stump.

my-blue-jaysI was in awe by this time and reveling at these two beautiful creations who seemed sent by God to brighten my day.

Curiosity got the best of me. I wanted to know more about these feathered friends, so I went to the Google and searched “symbolism of a blue jay.”

First thing I learned is they symbolize faithfulness! Wow! The next line said; Blue jays are a symbol of communication skills, particularly speaking, because they have excellent speaking ability.

Ok, now I’m sitting here in tears ever wondering why I doubt God is with me. God is so intimately acquainted with each of us and knows what speaks to our hearts. He knows that I am a thematic person and knew I would Google the question.

Thursday I spoke at a Christian Women Connection. The special feature was a woman who took up painting as a hobby, in particular on porcelain pieces such as plates. One of her paintings was of….you guessed it, two blue jays!

I was beyond wonder when I saw it and stood staring at it for the longest time. I asked if she would consider selling the plate? “No” she graciously replied sharing once she puts so many hours into her work she becomes attached to each piece and will save them for family.

After finishing my speech, the Chairwoman of the organization asked me to stay up front, and low and behold, Glenda, the artist presented me with the plate stating that as I talked, the Lord laid it on her heart to give me the plate.

I was speechless as tears filled my eyes and I realized she painted this particular piece in 2010, the very year I started public speaking! I couldn’t help but wonder if, while she was blue-jay-platepainting the blue jays, God had already planned to give the painting to me.

I held the plate and looked at it over and over and could not wait to come and share this amazing story with you!

I know it may seem a bit of a stretch to believe God orchestrated all of this just for me, but honestly, I can believe our Heavenly Father knows me so well that He would do such a thing knowing I would see His hand and be blessed by such a gift.

I’m sure there will be more emotionally low days ahead but I will forever think upon the blue jays and remember God is faithful! When I look at the exquisite painted porcelain plate now hanging in my office by my writing desk, I am reminded of God’s love and presence in my life.

He is all around us blessing in the big and little ways if we will only have eyes to see Him at work! Where do you see God at work in your life today? Let us know by sharing in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Symbolism of a Blue Jay: Faithful Neighbor and Warrior”

  1. I was having a REALLY rough day yesterday. As we were doing our science experiment for that day (which was on birds), I notice a Blue Jay standing on my back porch. I couldn’t help but smile, and think of you, and God and think, ahhh the Creator is so Faithful to us 🙂

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  2. “My” birds are Canadian geese and the red-tail hawk. Oftentimes, God speaks to me through geese flying overhead. I’ll be having a bad day and walk outside and get stopped in my tracks hearing their “honks” as they fly over. I translate it as God saying, “Hi, Sherry. I’m right here!” While driving, when I can, I’ll pull over and listen to them.


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