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There is Healing in Your Tears


Ever had a really good cry then said, “Wow I feel so much better?”

When I first surrendered my life to Jesus I found myself crying buckets of tears. 

It really bothered me! I was concerned about others seeing me and my weepy mess.

One day as I was apologizing to my friend standing beside me at church, she placed both hands on my shoulders, lifted my chin and said; “Tina, there is healing in your tears. God is doing a mighty work in you.  Let your tears flow, He is putting them all in a bottle.”

You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book. Psalm 56:8

From that day on, I’ve found great freedom and healing in letting my tears flow. Science backs this up through many online articles on the benefits of tears being a good release of hormones and can make us feel better.

A dear friend who I haven’t seen in more that 16 years is here visiting with me this weekend. As I drove to the airport to pick her up I cried tears of joy and thanksgiving for the opportunity to reconnect and share our hearts together.

I’m savoring every minute together with my friend, yet I think of you every day and just couldn’t let this week go without touching base with you. Thus the reason for this short….unedited….eeeks, blog post.

When the Lord lays something on my heart like this mornings devo I burn with excitement to get to my computer and blog it out for us.

The devo reminds me that it’s ok….no, it’s good to let God have all of my tears, the good, the bad, and the ugly…God loves ugly!  

Pray you will click on the link and be blessed today!  See you next time!

Morning Devo about Tears

6 thoughts on “There is Healing in Your Tears”

  1. Thank u very much for this little story. I do get embarrassed when I cry around people & can’t help it. I know God is there with me & many friends to smoothe my woes. Thanks, Vicki😊


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